About us


Three continents, three organizations, together to support women entrepreneurship in responsible and community-based tourism.

EnTOURée project

to raise awareness on the challenges the tourism sector creates for women and for local development

to support capacity building and awareness on the critical importance of women’s entrepreneurship in tourism between professionals, youth workers and stakeholders

to establish and develop an international network of individuals – academics, technicians, activists and politicians – with a shared interest in women’s empowerment and responsible tourism and define common purpose to address them.


Tamat Lead partner - Italy

We are a non-governmental organization carrying out development cooperation and decentralized projects on agriculture, environment, tourism and development of micro-enterprises since 1995.

D'Antilles et D'Ailleurs Martinique

We are an organization working for the education and promotion of active and democratic participation of women and young people with fewer opportunities through projects focused on equality, educational mobility, responsible tourism, entrepreneurship and digital.

C-For-C Madagascar

We are a non-governmental organization working for entrepreneurship strengthening in Madagascar, focusing on vulnerable population (women, person with disabilities etc.), by giving them training and accompaniment.

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