EnTOURée Ethical Convention

We TAMAT, D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs (DA&DA) and Capacity Building-For-Communities (C-For-C), believe on the principles of Responsible Tourism and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism adopted by the World Tourism Organization. In particular, on those principles that define Responsible Tourism as a view for contributing to socio-economic development, international cooperation and enhancement of living condition of marginalized communities and groups. Firmly believing in the principle of Equal redistribution of Wealth and in the statement of the World Tourism Organization sustaining that Tourism represents not only a factor of development rather than of understanding among people and a big potential for self-entrepreneurship.
We commit in promoting Responsible Tourism in the form of a direct, spontaneous and non-mediated service able to:

Respond to gender gap in job market

Develop marginalized areas whether they are marginals in a wider territory (e.g: rural) or in a city center (e.g: inner-city)

Foster local ownership in tourism development

Favor cooperation in an open and balanced way between communities all around the world

Support genuine partnership between public and private stakeholders in tourism development

Defend the universal respect for and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion

Assuming these principles, TAMAT, DA&DA and C-For-C, through the EnTOURée platform, give representation to an International Network for Responsible Tourism of Local Entrepreneurs who:

following the right based approach respect gender equality

prioritize to benefit the local communities they belong too

understand the importance of collaboration and of networking with other entrepreneurs

valorize natural local resources and cultural heritage

In this sense, the platform gives representations to Women, Community or Family-based small or micro-enterprises, prioritizing at least 2 of the following principles:

Preservation and Valorization of local heritage and productions

Respect of the environment

Financial/social benefit for the local community

Networking of enterprises with other local entrepreneurs or community-based enterprises

Our mission is to give visibility and representation to all those micro or small local entrepreneurs working in the field of Responsible Tourism and respecting the principles of community-based tourism.